Lead Vocals and All Around Sass

Lex dove into music head first on a playground in West Baltimore. After the fall, that blues sound poured out of the gravel throated songbird with the wounded wing. An indiscriminate number of years later, Lex is enthralling audiences across the country with her own blend of blues, funk and good old rock n roll. Years of theater training have equipped her with some quality witty banter to boot. A ball of fire with a belt to rival a boxer, Lex is a regular on the professional sports anthem circuit, and a fixture on the DMV music scene. Locals and tourists alike can agree on one thing: If Lex is singing, it's gonna be a damn good night.

Axman Extraordinaire aka Lead Guitar

(Nobody would know his first name if it wasn’t for social media) Vance has been attempting to play various musical instruments for way too long. His current group Honie XFacter has some other people in it that do other stuff. Vance should’ve stayed in college, but dropped out to chase the delusion of being a real musician without any theory or experience in the field. So now instead of working in a cubicle with a healthcare package, he physically strains himself daily to load into Baltimore’s smallest dive bars only to be ignored by drunken hipsters who get mad that he doesn’t know who Post Malone is. Vance is consistently battling severe depression and thoughts of suicide, but realizes that only the real rockstars can actually go through with it (see: “Kurt Cobain”). At the end of the day, he finds minuscule amounts of solace in his attempt to use satire to hide his real pain. Come ignore Vance this weekend at a bar you’ve never been to!

Soaring guitar licks and sweet backing vocals are the garnish to any great rock band. Michael Vance began playing the six-string thing at the ripe old age of 7 years old. Without any formal lessons or schooling in music, Vance brings an eclectic mix of blues, funk, rock, and country to any stage he plays. Despite his youth, he has been blessed to share time on amazing stages with incredible people from Jefferson Starship to the Baltimore Ravens. Vance has also been accredited to such accolades including Baltimore Readers Poll’s Best Band in Baltimore and Bridging the Music’s Battle of the Bands.

Cymbal Rider aka Boom Sticks

Babatunde Jehosafat "BJ" Kerwin is a noted American drummer, background vocalist and motorcycle mechanic. He was born at a very young age in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC and began his lifelong obsession with drumming when he was accidentally locked in the trunk of a car at a family picnic. After hours of enjoying what the family thought was the sound of a drum corp practicing off in the distance, they discovered it was, in fact, young BJ making the considerable racket while trying to free himself from his confinement. It was decided that first thing the next morning, a trip would be made to the local music store to secure a drum kit for the budding percussionist. After that, BJ went to school, grew up, kissed a few girls, grew a big beard, shaved his head, toured the world several times over playing drums, filled in for Tom Moon on a couple gigs and now he is a grown man. He is married, seems to be very nice to his mom and all of his crash cymbals are ride cymbals, so you know he's gonna make quite a racket. In his spare time, he likes going to the museum of chewed gum and letting his Facebook friends write bios for him.

Bassmonster aka jazz hands

Did you hear all the notes? That's just Matt Berry on one of his Sukop Custom Hybrid 6-string basses. After winning every award possible as a Jazz Studies major at Shenandoah Conservatory, Berry has gone on to play (loudly thanks to his EBS Fafner II amps) in over 30 bands on the east coast. His incredible style and commitment to playing songs his way, Berry turns this band up to eleven.